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It's been a while since I've posted a journal (mostly because I forgot that it was a thing, if I'm honest!) so here's just a brief update~

I'm currently working on my costumes for Alcon at the beginning of next month. I have a couple rewears planned, which is great and helps me cut down on the amount of work I have to do, but I also have one really big project alongside a couple of other standard ones. So most of my time is going to be spent sewing and getting frustrated with fabric, whenever I'm not busy working of course!

Plans for Alcon are (if you're interested, or if you're also going to Alcon and want to say hi!):

Thursday: James Potter (Marauders Era) - Harry Potter [I will hopefully be in the company of a full group of Marauders, plus my Lily and our awesome friend The-Oncoming-Storm as Snape. Much excitement for this group!]
Friday: Altair Ibn la'Ahad - Assassin's Creed
Friday night: Tachibana Makoto (season one ending) - Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
Saturday: Eruka Frog - Soul Eater
Saturday night: Lau - Kuroshitsuji
Sunday: Yosuke Hanamura - Persona 4 [I'll be crossdressing pageant!Yosuke in the evening, because why not? xD]

But yeah, that's all I have to update right now. Hopefully I'll remember to write journals a little more frequently than twice a year!
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United Kingdom
Cosplayer, reader, writer, gamer. Currently living in Cambridge, UK. I've been cosplaying since 2008, and steadily (hopefully) getting better at what I do. This is where I'll be dumping all of the cosplay photos (and other stuff) I've taken over the years, and will mostly consist of the same bunch of people (myself and my super awesome friends). Check out my CosplayIsland if you want to see what things I have planned for the future, or any progress I make with my cosplays!

My best friends and favourite cosplay buddies are xRosiex81, MsKitty77 and blademaster57, so maybe pay them a visit too :3

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Bonne Fête ^_^
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